Property details

  • 5 floors
  • 3,940 m2
  • partly renovated
  • new roof
  • completly isolated
  • new heating and water distribution – bio-heating
  • new electricity distribution
  • new widnows
  • prepration for Wellness & SPA


The building is situated in the heart of National park – Slovak paradise in the small village Mlynky – Biele Vody, very close to wonderful lake Palcamanska Masa.

During the winter season, tourists come to this fairytale countryside covered by snow to relax and enjoy active holiday. There are 3 ski centers with all difficulty types of ski slopes located close to the hotel. Daily freshly groomed cross-country trails and slopes are ideal for your sport activities.

Summer season opens the door of National Park Slovak paradise to hikers, cyclists, swimmers, fisherman, etc. Ladders, chains and bridges make your hikes like never before. You will see breathtaking views of mountains, forests, waterfalls, sparkling rivers and wild animals.

During hot summer days and after your hikes there is no such a place as the Palcmanska masa lake. You can swim, rent a boat, windsurf and even fishing is possible.

Spring Waterfall


  • Mlynky-Biele Vody, Slovensko
  • +421 911 908 480
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